Reevaluating Ratings

deciding the fate of a controversial system

The rating system always been one of our most controversial features. While ratings offer a very visible measure for players to work on and improve, concerns have been raised on their consistency (particularly when comparing two different players) and on possible detrimental effects to games. After much evaluation and discussion, the PugChamp team has come to the conclusion that the current ratings system has inescapable flaws due to the innate nature of the draft-oriented system.

Accordingly, a few weeks ago the development team began work on a newly reimagined performance system that would address some of the particular flaws that were noticed in the past months. Unfortunately, due to other interfering development priorities and time constraints, the system is not ready for public release. With ratings continuing to be a major point of contention, however, we have decided to indefinitely disable the display of ratings on PugChamp.

We realize that the removal of ratings on PugChamp is a bit disruptive, especially with no timeframe as to when the new performance system can be unveiled. However, we hope to have something to show soon, and we can say confidently that the new system will take into account all previously played games, so games played now will definitely still matter. With this and several structural improvements in the pipeline, we hope you’re as excited as we are for the changes to come. As always, thanks for all of your support!

posted: August 8, 2016