Draft-organized pickup games, in which captains select players for their team from a pool of available players, are a familiar concept to many game veterans.
PugChamp brings this proven system to the present day with modern feel and functionality.

  • Captains
  • Open Source
  • Automated

Ready Up

Players select what roles they want to play in an upcoming game.

Captain Draft

Two players become captains and select the teams and map for the game.

Full Service

From start to finish, PugChamp manages all of the logistics to make the experience as smooth as possible.

  • Servers

    All servers are provided — just show up and play.

  • Game Summaries

    Each game is summarized on with stats to show the best and worst performers.

  • Demos

    Demos of all games are automatically recorded and uploaded to for viewing after the game.

  • Career Stats

    Full career histories and summarized stats are publicly visible on every player's profile.

Constantly Evolving

Never satisfied with the status quo, PugChamp is always seeking out new ways to improve the PUG experience.